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Pinnacle Peak Local was developed by Jane Babineaux and Brian Biggs of Marketing Team West. We have each been in the business of marketing products and services for thirty years! We have the only comprehensive list of restaurants, lodging and shopping in the specific Pinnacle Peak area. Our area clients have long wanted to reach the Pinnacle Peak market so we decided to build a community website ourselves.

We believe highly targeted internet strategies provide the best ongoing returns for your advertising dollar, particularly when leveraged with other internet strategies, traditional forms of advertising and social media.

This website utilizes state of the art strategies to attract the searcher, such as: 

  • iPad Compatible Design - Using the latest website technologies, our website is 100% iPad and mobile device compatible.
  • Content Rich – Google wants original content. And we’ve got lots of it!
  • Relevant – We used Google Analytics Keyword Tools and other strategies to determine what is of most interest to searchers interested in the Pinnacle Peak area.
  • Links – Search engines like links and we’ve got ‘em…for dining, trails, attractions and more.
  • Photos and Videos – Google likes these too….we have hundreds of beautiful photos and will be continuing to build our video library on our YouTube Channel …..
  • Indexing, Site Maps, Meta Data and Spidering – Pinnacle Peak Local uses all techniques to maximize the potential for being found when people are searching for data about the area.

Your Promotion Will Appear in Multiple Areas!

Ads Can Click to Your Website, Facebook Page, Menu or Special Offer!

Banner Ad Dimensions - (Ads Appear in Three Different Sections)
Small Banner Ad - 220 pixels wide by 120 pixels tall - $75/mo
Medium Banner Ad - 220 pixels wide by 220 pixels tall - $125/mo
Large Banner Ad - 220 pixels wide by 320 pixels tall - $175/mo

We've Added Restaurant Special Advertising to our Home Page!

Medium Restaurant Ad - 456 pixels wide by 228 tall - $125/mo

Large Restaurant Ad - 456 pixels wide by 456 pixels tall - $200/mo

Includes Graphic Design (Updatable Monthly) - Buy 6 months & get 3 free!

Proven Marketing Expertise – Please see our Testimonials Page at Marketing Team West. 

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